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Peter Whiteside



Professional Summary

My broad skill set and years of experience in -

the video game industry

Cinema and broadcast post production

video editing

software support, sales and development

broad technical computer skills

coupled with creativity, enthusiasm, and integrity make me a great potential addition to your team. Tight deadlines and high production standards are the usual scenario for me. You can count on me to be on time with a quality job no matter what the challenge. I am a patient and effective mentor for junior members of the team and a good teacher. The combination of a good eye, good creative design, and deep technical knowledge is what I can offer to your team.


Scripting – Mel, Python, JavaScript


Game Technical Director and FX TD.

Character TD, Special FX TD, Compositor, Lighting, Rendering and Dynamics, teaching Maya, FX, and Compositing. (Deep general knowledge of Maya, Realflow, Motion Builder, Mel, and some Python)


Design and consultation for implementation of Tool chains and production pipelines.

Working with development teams to design sprite FX systems (Mico spec – Lucasarts) and composting systems (Digital Fusion – eyeon Software).


Realtime: Unity3d, Unreal 4, Snowdrop


3D : Maya, Mudbox, Motion Builder, Realflow, Houdini, Softimage , 3DS Max


2D : Digital Fusion , After Effects, Eddie, Nuke, Shake, Photoshop


Non Linear Editing – Avid, Media 100, Premiere Pro

Various other programs such as Elastic Reality, Illustrator, etc.


Main stage demonstrations at trade shows. Training personnel in use of software. Consulting for custom training and solutions. Beta testing software. 3D animation and special effects. Compositing.


Installing and troubleshooting 3D and Graphic Design software. Multimedia. Video. Computer assembly. Windows and Linux OS installation and networking.



December 2015- Present Mercenary Technology San Mateo, California

Senior Technical Artist


Created VFX for the latest Southpark Game using Snowdrop for Ubisoft (contracted).

Adapted assets from PS4 to PS3 for Call of Duty Black Ops III. Specifically reduced the face rig down from approximately 200 bones to 65 while maintaining the fidelity of the facial performances. Wrote scripts to facilitate automating the Simplygon pipeline. Worked on reducing all of the character rigs in the game.


Developed assets in Unreal 4 for undisclosed VR title (VFX, rigs, animations, models, blueprints)


January 2010- Present Mega-Pickle Entertainment tm Mississauga, Ontario Canada

President, Technical Art Director FX


Manage the entire Art team as well as the technical infrastructure to maintain a globally distributed international team of artists and game designers.

Design and manage the technical pipeline integrating assets from a variety of 3D applications into

the Unity game engine. Art Direction and technical direction of 130 plus characters and various environments for an RPG in development for PC/Apple desktop, WII, and XB360. The studio is a

virtual team effort with a team of over 30 artists, writers, level editors and programers.



June 2012- September 2015 (concurrently) Ex'pression College Emeryville, Ca. USA

Course Director



Created and taught courses in Maya Rigging, Current Industry Techniques (MEL, Python), Dynamics, Compositing, Texture, Lighting, and Motion Studies (MoCap) using Motionbuilder and Vicom Blade software and hardware.


September 2010- June 2012 (concurrently) Academy of Art University San Francisco, Ca. USA



Create and teach courses in Maya Dynamics, Realflow, and Houdini fluids and particles. Intro to Rigging and Intro to Maya and Animation.


August 2008- December 2010 Imagemovers Digital Novato, Ca. USA

Senior Character FX Technical Director


Setup cloth rigs using an nCloth pipeline suplemented with custom tools for “A Christmas Carol” and “Mars Needs Moms”. Did shotwork using rigs I created as well as rigs created by other CFX TD's. Did a small amount of shotwork using hair rigs created by other CFX TD's.

Assisted in Stereo Finshing using Nuke on “A Christmas Carol”.

Wrote some simple tools to assist workflow.


April 2007- July 2008 Activision Foster City Foster City, Ca. USA

Senior Character Technical Director/Rigger


Wrote mel and python scripts to automate building rigs and facilitate converting MoCap data from our rig in Motion Builder and then transfer the resulting animations to Maya for export into the game engine.

Rigged characters, props, and background elements for AAA IP project in both Maya and Motion Builder. (Call of Duty, Devils Brigade)

Worked with engineering team on assets and concepts for a next gen third person navigation system.

Rigged characters and props in 3DS Max to conform to an existing pipeline and export them into a game engine for Guitar Hero – Van Halen


April 2006- April 2007 Emdigo Campbell, Ca. USA

Technical Lead Artist


Designed and implemented the Maya side of the production pipeline. Wrote mel based artist tools to generate character and prop rigs and process the resulting animation files for batch submission to the tool chain leading to a Symbian or Brew based mobil phone graphics engine.

Wrote Mel scripts and batch files to clean up and process models and animations to remove incompatible nodes etc.

Modeled, Rigged, and Animated characters, props, and background elements for animated 3D content for mobile phones.

Consulted on design of tool chain for production pipeline.


June 2005- April 2006 Electronic Arts Redwood City, Ca. USA

Senior Engineer/Technical Artist


Solved workflow issues for Game teams using Renderware and associated technologies.

Wrote Mel scripts and batch files to resolve issues related to prototyping and adapting legacy assets to the Renderware pipeline.

Supported Game teams by attending meetings and analyzing their needs then comparing those needs against features under development in the software suite of tools.

Technical support – resolved bugs and submitted feature requests. (Mainly related to the digital content creation software and the process of exporting and conditioning assets for the Renderware pipeline).

Prepared and taught courses related to the Renderware game production workflow.


June 2001- May 2005 LucasArts Entertainment Co. LLC. San Rafael, Ca. USA

Special FX TD/Character TD/Technical Artist/Editor


Character setup and Facial setup – Jedi Starfighter 2, RTX Redrock, Sam & Max 2.

Prerendered Cutscene FX – Jedi Starfighter 2, RTX Redrock, Sam & Max Promo, Mercenaries, Knights of the Old Republic

Realtime ingame FX – RTX Redrock, Sam & Max 2, Republic Commando

Design, FX, rendering, editing of introductory “Goldguy” logo animation – “Focus your Force” for E3 convention and introductory “Goldguy” logo animation – Wrath game.

Environmental animation – Episode 3 Starwars Game "Revenge of the Sith"

Avid editor – Scenes from the Episode 3 "Revenge of the Sith" Movies for ingame FMV cutscenes. Compression and conversion of Movie files for game engine.

Avid, Media 100, Premiere Pro editing of Marketing and Production videos.

Working with the Tools and Technologies group to integrate ILM’s Zeno 3D package into our game production pipeline (specifically the particle component). Working with the same group to develop a core technology tool for authoring real-time particle FX.


March 2001-Sept 2001 San Francisco Academy of Art San Francisco,Ca.


Special FX/ Maya Instructor


Designed and taught custom FX and Maya training classes.

Worked with and evaluated students in a one-on-one mentoring program.


June 1999-March 2001 Alias|Wavefront Inc. Toronto, ON, Canada

Application Engineer/Consultant


Designed and delivered custom training classes and consultation.

Performed on-site consulting for client companies.

Demonstrated software to audiences at major trade shows.

Trained Value Added Resellers and customers in the use of the product.

Beta tested and developed software from a user viewpoint.

Provided email and phone based technical support to users of the product.



Aug. 1996–June 1999 Eyeon Software Inc. Toronto, ON, Canada

Senior Product Specialist/Application Engineer


Hired and supervised technical support staff.

Provided input as to direction of product development and beta testing for Digital Fusion, a Windows based high-end compositing program.

Created tutorial AVI’s for online help system within product. Edited with Digital Fusion, Premiere.

Trained Value Added Resellers and customers in the use of the product.

Demonstrated software to audiences at major trade shows.

Assembled advanced NT and Windows 95 based systems (with video IO capabilities) and setup small 3-5 node networks.

Provided email and phone based technical support to users of the product.


Jun.1995–Aug. 1996 Animal Logic Pty. Ltd. Sydney, Australia

Senior Animator/FX Artist/Compositor


Supervised junior animators

Created animations and special effects for major international clients using Softimage and Eddie on SGI computers.

Beta tested “Eddie”, an SGI based compositing program.

Consulted and supervised edit sessions on Quantel Henry, Harry, and Domino.


Mar. 1993–Jun. 1995 Primal Screen Productions Melbourne, Australia

One of two partners who founded and directed the company.


Met with producers and directors, conceived, created, and supervised creation of 3D animation and special effects using Prisms 3D, ICE compositor, 3D Studio, and various image-editing programs for major national and international clients.

Edited vision component of television commercials, corporate videos, and animatics – ICE, Eddie, Ipas (precursor of Digital Fusion)

Supervised Quantel Henry edit sessions.

Acted as system administrator. Built DOS based computer systems and installed and maintained software and performed as system administrator for SGI based systems (formatted and installed hard disks and maintained operating system, NFS network, etc.)

Setup and integrated a small network of Windows and SGI computers and an Accom digital disk recorder connected to a BVW2800 Betacam VCR using Novell and NFS.

Supervised and trained 3-5 employees and additional freelance personnel.


Jun. 1991–Mar.1993 The Edit Shop Melbourne, Australia

Dept. Head – Computer Animation and Graphics


Hired and supervised free-lance animators and artists.

Produced animated 3D and special effects and produced online graphics to support analog editing suites working on long form Corporate Videos and Television Commercials (used Topas 3D, Lumena paint, 3D Studio, Photoshop, Inscriber CG, and Elastic Reality)

Edited off-line versions of television commercials, corporate videos, and anamatics – Various software editing and compositing programs.

Maintained a Novell Server network of 6 workstations and organized and ran an archiving system of Maxtor optical disks and Sytos tape.

Trained other members of the company in the use of various 3D and image manipulation software programs and general computer operation.


Mar. 1990–Jun.1991 Salvat Film/Laughing Zebras Melbourne, Australia

Computer Animator and Graphic Artist


Produced animated 3D and special effects to be sent out to analog editing suites working on long form Corporate Videos and Television Commercials (used Topas 3D, Lumena paint, Inscriber CG, and Elastic Reality)

Trained other members of the company in the use of various 3D and image manipulation software programs.






Louisiana State University Baton Rouge, La.

BFA Painting

US Navy San Diego, Calif.

Journalist 3 and 2 courses




Computer Technology, Photography, Computer Games, Chess, Motorcycles, Sci Fi and Fantasy Literature,



Honorably discharged veteran. (US Navy)

Married with 5 children.