Sunday, October 25, 2020 Bookmark and Share

  1. Opening title - 2D particles in Digital Fusion


  2. Lucasarts - Sam and Max 2 promo - Glass shatter effect, glowing shaders, gunsmoke, car exhaust, comping with After Effects and Digital Fusion. Character Rig for Burgler. Disco ball effects.

  1. Lucasarts - Sam and Max 2 live action promo - Lighting to match live action, comping, sparks, smoke, dust etc. effects. Rendering in Maya.


  2. Hoth flyby - Snow shader, rendering, compositing.


  3. RTX Red Rock shuttle crash – Lighting, rendering (using game assets) – Maya, particle effects (dust, explosions, etc.) - Maya particles, compositing – Digital Fusion ( note this was rendered for PAL video and was converted using pull down for NTSC).


  4. Wrath Lucasarts logo animation - Rendering, comping, flame and lightning effects.


  5. Starfighter 2 - Character and facial rigging of both Mace and Adi. Faux cloth setup for Maces robe using dynamic curves and joints.


  6. Knights of the Old Republic 2 logo treatment - Modeling, animation, rendering, effects.


  7. RTX Red Rock - Temple marsquake - Rendering, comping, effects.


  8. RTX Red Rock - Battle aftermath crater - Environment modeling and texturing, rendering, lights, smoke, glow, fire effects, and compositing.


  9. Guitar Hero, Van Halen - adapting existing 3D Studio Max rigs to new characters and exporting them as well as motion captured animation and cameras into game engine.


  10. Quantim of Solace, James Bond game - Character rigs, facial rigs, rendering.