Sunday, October 25, 2020 Bookmark and Share

1. Batman - Modeling of light tunnel and logos, compositing, and rendering at 2K for filmrecorder output (3DS Max)

2. Gatoraide - modeling and animation of figure drinking Gatoraide (Softimage), morphing of plants in background (Eddie compositor).

3. Mio - dancing cow - Morphed cow to animate dancing (Eddie)

4. Eunos - modeling of 3D background, rendering (3DS Max) roto matte of car, compositing (Side Effects ICE )

5. Freakshow - (sucking color out of apple) roto work and compositing (Digital Fusion).

6. Yakult - Compositing and twisting of head down neck ( Side Effects ICE compositor – time remapping of head turn)

7. LG – Modeling doors, LG logo for door, animated tracked and comped flowers.

8. Pepsi - morphing of wave and compositing ( Side Effects ICE )